Patient Participation Group

We have an active Patient Participation Group

Wellway has a Patient Participation Group (PPG) that supports the practice on its mission to continuously improve. The group is involved in patient surveys and in advising the partners on subjects relevant to our patients' experience of care at Wellway.

Apply to Join

Would you like to be a member?  We have quarterly meetings across our surgeries, but you can opt to be a 'virtual corresponding' member if you would find it hard to get to meetings in person.  Please contact our PPG Co-ordinator, Nicola Hankinson, on 01670 502333 or please complete our online form.

Patients aged 18-35 are generally under represented in our group.

If you are in this age bracket, please come and join us. 

We need you!

Minutes of Previous Meetings

The minutes of previous group meetings can be downloaded here.